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Growers increasingly require better, safer and more convenient crop production and crop protection formulations. Formulation technology incorporates the active substance with adjuvants, producing formulations with unique physical form and characteristics to enhance field efficacy and handling qualities.

Our formulation development QC laboratory undertakes development and quality assurance work for product formulations in crop production and crop protection. Our expertise involves development of highly stable formulations ranging from simple formulations e.g. emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders) to more specialized formulations e.g. suspension concentrates, micro suspensions, micro-encapsulations, seed treatment. We apply advanced science to develop improved and safer formulations for optimized active substance release and enhanced biological activity.

In addition to our proprietary formulations, we also work closely with our clients to develop customized formulations to fill a market niche.

Our range of services includes:

  • Developing customized formulations for clients that consider local growers' practice, user safety and crop compatibility
  • Sourcing and validation of QC specifications of raw materials
  • Selection and validation of adjuvants for compatibility testing
  • Physical-chemical property tests
  • Storage stability testing (shelf life studies)
  • Particle size characterization and analysis
  • Optimization and charging of product formulation recipes
  • Quality control and scale-up studies
  • Compatibility tests