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Agribusiness Consulting

We offer agricultural consulting and business service solutions that merge sound agronomic principles with economic business objectives. Our value proposition not only lies in agricultural consulting but also in business service solutions for Asian agriculture. We focus on maximizing our customers' rate of return consistent with cost-effective and sustainable agronomic practices.


Our Customers
We work with a wide range of customers including:
Land developers and investors
Bioenergy crop plantations
Fruit, vegetable and field crop farms
Rice plantations
Golf courses
Ornamental crops
Parks and gardens


Our Consulting Solutions
Leveraging our alliances of professional research institutes and academic institutions located globally, our agribusiness consulting solutions comprise:
Recommending best-use scenarios for land use
Strategic business planning, project feasibility and implementation
Enhancing crop yield and quality through cost-effective crop management and production programmes with GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Integrated Crop Management
Increasing customer's ROI (Return On Investment) through crop optimization programmes of ongoing remedial treatments and mitigation strategies
Facilitating links to consumer markets

Edible Crops
With globalization, technological advances and trade liberalization, food commodities, fresh fruits and vegetables and processed products are produced and move freely between countries more than ever before.

Consumers are now faced with a wide range of food choices. Although price is still the single, most significant factor in shaping consumer choice, consumers are taking an ever-increasing interest in the origin of their food, production methods, food safety, nutrition and food quality

The global agri-food market is facing one of its greatest challenges as it moves towards a consumer-driven marketplace. Farmers and growers need to adapt to these challenges in order to meet consumer demands.


How can we help farms adapt to these challenges?

Work with you to improve productivity and profitability with crop optimization solutions that are safe and environmentally-friendly
Explore options to create business through new crop technologies, uses or value chains
Provide regulatory advice on importing country regulations and facilitate links for export consumer markets
Gain access to international market knowledge, best practices and industry trends

Bioenergy Crops
Bioenergy has recently become one of the most dynamic sectors of the global energy economy. Bioenergy is stored energy from the sun contained in organic matter such as plant matter and animal waste, known as biomass. Two major biomass products used as transportation fuel are bioethanol and biodiesel.

Crops that produce bioethanol are the sugar/starch crops such as corn, potatoes, sugarbeet, sugarcane, sorghum and cassava.

Crops grown for biodiesel are the oil crops such as soybean, rapeseed, oil palm and jatropha.


How can we add value to bioenergy crop plantations?

Evaluate land potential for bioenergy crop growing
Assess project feasibility and formulate business plan
Design and implement quality agronomic programmes to the plantation
Validate quality and soundness of crop input material
Evaluate quality of feedstock
Explore and implement measures to increase crop yield and quality
Develop technology for capturing value of plant waste and residues