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Functional Nutrients

Functional Nutrients are not just food for plants to grow but also effectively protect plants from biotic or abiotic stress and threats.They contain multiple plant nutrients either as primary, secondary or micro nutrients.



Jinsaeng (Plant-origin Phytochemicals)
A farmer's defence against climate change
For top fruits, rice, field & greenhouse crops, ornamentals and cut flowers

Jinsaeng is based on natural glycine betaine which occurs naturally in many organisms including several plants. Glycine betaine acts as an osmoprotectant by adjusting the osmotic balance inside plant cells and tissues.

By this natural defence mechanism, Jinsaeng helps plants overcome environmental stress caused by heat, salinity, drought and cold. which adversely affects plant productivity.

Enhances yield and crop quality by increasing tolerance against physiological disorders
Enhances photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation by providing organic nitrogen
Reduces flower dropping in early flowering stage hence maximizing fruit retention
Improves fruit setting in fruiting crops and increases number and weight of fruits
Prevents fruit cracking
Accelerates advanced and homogeneous ripening of fruits
Preserves long-lasting post-harvest freshness for cut flowers

Top fruits. Field/greenhouse crops:
500-1000 times dilution (1-2 ml/L water). Foliar spray 1-2 times every 2 weeks from early to mid flowering and fruit setting.

Ornamentals. Cut flowers:
500 times dilution (2 ml/L water). Foliar spray 2-3 times at 7-10 day intervals before harvest or transplanting.



Bio stimulant. Sustains growth.
For fruiting vegetables, fruit trees and plantation crops

AgroCal-Natural is a formulation of chelated natural calcium with concentrated amino acid peptides. It is an organic calcium molecule with free amino acids and short chain peptides. AgroCal-Natural is completely water soluble.

Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of strong, healthy stem and formation of plant tissue structures. The calcium ion in AgroCal-Natural is completely surrounded by an organic structure giving it a totally different mode of action. The calcium in AgroCal-Natural is easily  translocated in plants with known benefits of amino acids and peptides.

Increases overall plant nutrient uptake as mineral uptake is calcium-dependent
Promotes healthier plant growth through providing bio-available calcium
Reduces soil salinity and acidity
Stimulates growth in growing plants, root tips and developing fruits
Encourages soil vibrancy and improves soil structure

Fruiting vegetables, fruit trees and plantation crops:
333-500 times dilution (2-3 ml/L water) foliar spay 3-4 times at 7-10 day intervals during vegetative growth early fruit along and fruit growing periods



Bloom stimulator. Growth booster.
For fruit trees, fruiting vegetables and ornamentals

AceColour is a natural bloom stimulator and growth booster that enhances flowering and fruit production. It comprises a proprietary blend of 19 highly condensed, long chain amino acids and peptides with trace elements, glucose and vitamins. AceColour increases plant metabolic activity and mineral uptake through bio-stimulants and organic transport enhancers. This provides higher yield by preventing plant physiological disorders through balanced nutrition. AceColour is natural and does not contain any chemicals.

Prevents plant physiological disorders and provides balanced nutrition
Increases sugar content in fruits and vegetables and promotes colour in ornamentals
Improves colour in fruits and ornamental flowers
Reduces flower dropping at early flowering stage
Increases follower stalks and number of flowers
Preserves freshness of post-harvest cut flowers when applied during flowering stage

Fruit trees. Fruiting vegetables. Ornamentals:
800-1,000 times dilution (1-1.5 ml/L water). Foliar spray 3-4 times at 7-10 day intervals during vegetative growth and fruit setting period.



Rhiz-O-Gold (Qualified Microbes)
Premium Bio Root Enhancer.
For fruit trees, forest plants, field crops and plantation crops

Rhiz-O-Gold is a premium miracle product which consists of a selected blend of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF). It is suitable and highly beneficial to Agricultural, Horticultural, Forestry and Plantation crops. Rhiz-O-Gold has 12 species viable concentration of 250-300 spores /10g product.

Increases uniform root and shoot growth and establishment
Increases nutrient uptake
Increases water uptake, drought tolerance
Promotes higher yield
Reduces chemical fertilizer usage
Maintains soil fertility
Prevents heavy metal toxicity
Provides resistance to root-borne diseases
Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss

Fruit trees. Forest plants:
Seedlings- 50 g/seeding
Immature plants- 200-500 g/plant
Mature plants- 500-1,000 g/plant

Field crops:
2-2.3 kg/ha

Oil palm:
Seedlings- 50 g/seedling
Field- 25-500 g/plant
Ganoderma infected- 1~2 kg/plant