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Soil Advantage Solutions

Soil fertility is the foundation of crop production and involves complex interactions between soil, nutrients and plants. Factors affecting soil fertility such as texture and bioavailability of plant nutrients should be optimized to improve yield and quality of crops. Soil management is thus critical to sustain soil productivity over time.

With continuous land cropping, soil depletion is widespread due to intense land cultivation and inadequate soil management. Soil depletion can occur through overtillage that damages soil structure, overuse of chemical fertilizers that inhibit microorganisms, and salinization of soil. Agricultural land with damaged soil impedes root penetration and reduces crop yield, causing the grower to lose economic value.

Our Soil Advantage Solutions concurrently enhance soil fertility through organic matter, maximize nutrient absorption by plants through bioavailable plant nutrients and improve soil texture through microbes. The technology applied derives organic matter from readily available compost and fortifies it with plant nutrients derived solely from renewable and recycled sources.



AgroMax (AMP) The Premium Planting Mix
For Professional Growers
For leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, flowering plants, trees, landscape and turf

AgroMax - The Premium Planting Mix (AMP) is a premium, scientifically formulated growing medium that helps ensure optimum plant growth potential. AMP is a balanced blend of cocopeat, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite. humic acid, plant nutrients, phytogenic agents, buffering agents and anti-fungal agents. It is a perfect way to give a healthy head start to plants!

Contributes to vigorous plant growth and health by providing essential macro/micro nutrients and minerals
Stimulates quick rooting and healthy root development
Loosens and improves soil drainage in hard, compacted and heavy day soils
Versatile — ideal for improving poor soils, mulching, and mixing into native soil for new in-ground plantings
Prevents transplanting shock and encourages fast root growth for newly transplanted plants

Seed trays:
Fill hole completely with AMP and sow seed. Water thoroughly.
Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Fill 2/3 full with AMP and plant seedling Water thoroughly.
Do not mix with soil or other mixes.

Garden beds:
Top dress or work in 5-10 cm AMP into existing soil. Cover thoroughly.

Landscape / Trees / Turf:
Top dress or work in 5-10 cm AMP into existing soil. Cover thoroughly.



AgroMax (AMM) The Ultimate Mineral Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner
For trees, field crops, fruit trees, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables

AgroMax Is a premium Mineral complex (AMM) for all plants and soils.

It is a 100% natural, rich source of minerals, providing 14 macro and micro nutrients and over 30 trace elements that act synergistically to provide physical, chemical and biological benefits to soils and plants.

Provides a rich source of 14 essential macro and micro elements
Contains over 30 trace elements that interact synergistically for overall plant and soil nutrition
Neutralizes soil acidity
Prevents and eliminates fungal disease
Helps control biotic and abiotic stress
Increases plant stem thickness and strengthens roots
Accelerates plant growth
Retains and stimulates micro bacteria in soil which are beneficial to plants
Improves availability of other elements to plants and soils

Incorporate into soil or apply into planting hole

Agricultural/Horticultural crops: 500-1,000 kg/ha
Paddy: 100-150 kg/ha
Planting hole: 50 g/plant


A Home & Garden Essential
For potted plants and flower/vegetable garden beds

Horti-Gold is a proprietary, scientifically formulated blend that helps your plants thrive in different growing conditions. It is a ready-to-use fuss-free formula for home and garden use.

Each bag is enriched with the right mix of mineral nutrients, beneficial microbes and compost to jump-start your garden! It is also pH buffered with a balance of major and minor nutrients, excellent air porosity and high moisture reserve balance.

Simply use straight from the bag as an easy, convenient solution.

Increases top growth of your plants
Stimulates quick rooting and healthy root development
Improves moisture retention
Adds organic matter to heavy clay or sandy soil, nourishing potted plants and garden beds
Increases availability of nutrients to your plants
Enriches and feeds plants for 4-6 weeds- without the need to fertilize

For both indoor and outdoor use

Fill pot 2/3 full with Horti-Gold. If potting soil is used as well, ensure that Horti-Gold is at least 50% of the total volume.

Garden beds:
Top dress or work In 5-10 cm Horti-Gold into existing soil.