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MS Fertilizers are powered by technology and proven by crop quality!
MS Fertilizers Chemical Fertilizers
Patented Micro Suspension technology Commodity products
Driven by value Driven by price
Optimized and smaller particle size. Increases amount of bio-available nutrients to crops Not a product feature
Maximizes FUE (Fertilizer Use Efficiency) to crops, thus maximizing benefits (yield, sugar/starch content) FUE is not a product feature
MS Fertilizers save and protect the environment!
MS Fertilizers Chemical Fertilizers
Liquid in 1 kg bottle Bulky solid in 20 kg bag
Easy to carry Difficult to carry
Saves labour and transport cost High use rate 100-300 kg/ha
Reduces production cost to grower Increases production cost to grower
One application per growing season Frequent applications throughout season
Novel and flexible methods (seed/tuber coating, stem dipping,soil drenching, foliar, fertigation) Conventional method (Soil incorporation)
Lower treatment cost due to lower use rate and only one application Higher treatment cost due to higher use rate and frequent applications
MS Fertilizers enhance grower productivity and save costs!
MS Fertilizers Chemical Fertilizers
Uses renewable sources (animal bone) Uses finite source (phosphate rock)
Sustainable solution Depletes earth's resources
Slow release Not a product feature
Long-lasting continuous efficacy Short term performance
Water-insoluble. Citric-acid soluble Water-soluble
No run-off or leaching Leaches into environment
Increases fertilizer economy Fertilizer wastage
Preserves environment Contaminates environment
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