Profiled in ASEAN's Directory of Innovative SMEs.
[Nov 2012]
Innovation Award 2009 nominee for Micro Suspension Technology @PotatoEurope, the world's largest international potato event (Netherlands)
[Aug 2009]
Formulation Development and Quality Control Laboratory established in Singapore
[Mar 2009]
Technology Commercialisation Award 2008 for Micro Suspension Technology by SPRING Singapore, a Singapore government agency for growing innovative companies
[Oct 2008]
Innovation Centre opened in Japan Technology
[Dec 2006]


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Functional Nutrients are not just food for plants to grow but also effectively protect plants from biotic or abiotic stress and threats.They contain multiple plant nutrients either as primary, secondary or micro nutrients.

Jinsaeng contains glycine betaine that provides organic nitrogen,and at the same time, functions as a plant de-stressor. It protects crops from critical abiotic stress such as heat, salinity, drought and cold. Glycine betaine is wellknown as an osmoregulator in living organisms and acts by adjusting the osmotic balance inside plant cells and tissues.

AgroCal-Natural provides natural, chelated calcium with concentrated amino acid peptides, giving it a totally different mode of action that facilitates superior absorption by plant cells. It is especially effective in preventing tomato blossom blight disease and club root disease in Chinese cabbage.

AceColour comprises a proprietary blend of 19 highly condensed, long chain amino acids and peptides with trace elements, glucose and vitamins. The excellent bioactive nutrients enhance colours of flowers and fruits and boosts fruit weight and sweetness.

Rhiz-O-Gold contains a selected blend of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi that enhances complex root function. This increases uniform root and shoot growth and establishment, resulting in higher yield through increased uptake of nutrients from the soil. Quick root establishment of crops also reduces transplanting stress and plant loss.